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Carole Joskowitz's REALM OF FANTASY is 2011 N.O.L.F.F. 'BEST SHORT' SUBJECT "an awsome plethora of psychodelic punk, puppetry perversion" Frank N. Stein

I watched your movie -- very fun! A cult classic! Keep up the good work and keep having fun doing it. John Beresford/friend

got it loved it thanks.  Uncle Chuck/Hollywood Myspace Friend

loved your movie. It was awesome. I think that you should 100% make another movie. It was so awesome there has to be a sequel. Jordan Gottlieb/student of life

Loved your movie Carole! It was a hoot! A cast of hundreds, including you! Have you shown it anywhere or put it on YouTube or something? Gary Shaul, Toronto friend

oh yeah - in between those two things i decided you are insane. . a fkn-g-nyus. Kirkenstein (american singer-songwriter-musician)

LOve the dolls. great editing and puppeteering too, must be tough. You gotta put your Noah Zacharin doll in the next one--give him a haircut. It'd be kick-ass Later JT (local singer-songwriter-musician)

I thought the film was great. I wasn't alive in the 60's but it gave me the feeling that everyone always talks about. The confusion, the spontaneity, and just the general feeling that you were apart of something. Also the Beatles characters were AWESOME, it seemed like your version of them was more real than the version we saw during their early popularity! I won't mention the obvious flaws that come with every independent film, first off because you probably know them already, and also because with a higher budget those problems would disappear. Anyways, loved the film, loved the puppets, loved the writing. Have you made any other movies? And do you plan on making more? -Carl Lorusso / local singer, songwriter

Carole … I enjoyed watching your movie. It was very creative and entertaining. You are to be commended for your great work on that original project. The dolls really looked good. Hope your next one is even better! Brian Gladstone/local singer, songwriter, guitar player

Realm of Fantasy Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll! Coarse language and some scenes are explicit. Viewer discretion is advised. The credits are too long. A great disc for hippies. Stella - artist/poet

Hi Carole Just to let you know I finished watching REALM OF FANTASY and I loved it! It's very watchable, for nostalgia reasons, but also as an ironic statement on the 60s. Watching it, I was sometimes reminded that our heroes may or may not have been "puppets" -- without necessarily knowing it, themselves. In a way, you seem to focus on the funny, compulsive side of your characters and that era -- and I like your female protagonists, who are like visitors from another dimension, revisiting the past. I kind of wish you had more "Mick" in it -- he comes and goes awfully fast. Also, here and there in the first (Beatles) section, I thought the dialogue and story dragged a bit. I would have cut some of the repetition of "It's all in the realm of fantasy" -- Ootherwise, it rocked -Ann Diamond (Montreal Author)

Hello ! The film is splendid, I love the dialogue and filming and music and the voices... EVERYTHING about it. Thank you for such fast and kind correspondance, Realm of Fantasy has offered a big relief to my troubled/monotonous daily life. All the best and thank you once more ! Stella/artist from Finland.

Hi carole. Loved your movie! It was funny, clever, innocent & sly all at the same time. The party scene with John Lennon puppet was probably the best part for me. Nik Beat ~rockstar poet

Hi Carole: I really enjoyed your movie! (See what I wrote in your blog.) Disturbing?... NO WAY. Honey, I am one twisted sister, and I laughed and smiled all though your masterpiece! .. Beatlesque and I watched your movie the other night and had a blast... First of all, your artistic talent shone vibrantly through the puppets and the set design... Secondly, the story line was a fun trip through fantasy that many of "us girls" have had (even with a little castration thrown in.... OUCH!!!!)..... I particularly enjoyed "The Beatles" segment, especially George.... including his "puppet-being," voice, and campy dialog... ....On a constructive note, the sound editing levels jumped up and down rather abruptly at certain points, especially when the dialog was mixed over the music... ....All in all, RHEALM OF FANTASY was a fun journey into that crazy, whcky mind of our talented, wacky, sweet friend Carole... As Beatlesque said, we can't wait for the sequel... ....Keep it up Carole... You are a great artist and a budding film maker.....Wishes for success,....Bonnie (aka "Bonovan") ****************************************

Carole, my friend Bonovan and I watched your movie this weekend and I wanted to commend you on your movie making chops! Very surreal, funny and scary at times..and the "cutlery" scenes cracked me up! I do think you should use a compressor/limiter on the soundtrack to even out the loud scenes with the quiet ones. I enjoyed the storyline, sets, voices and music and give your movie two index and two pinky fingers up! BEATLESQUE (Christopher B) /Movie Maker & Lumberjack


"Yeah!! About your movie, I had a blast watching it!!! VERY WELL DONE!.... Jocelyne/friend....

Carole, YOUR MOVIE!!!! : I am simply BLOWN AWAY by your "Realm of Fantasy" movie!!! I knew I HAD to get the entire movie after viewing the clips. The movie is entertaining from start to finish. The dolls are so lifelike, and the dialog and music in the movie are just amazing. Gosh, all of the different scenes, the groovy props, the dancing, and the singing... I mean, "Realm of Fantasy" has it all!!! I'm soooo happy I found you on MySpace. I love all of your work. You are a TRUE artist with a wonderful talent. *********************** Carole, I LOVED it!!! I was smiling and laughing the entire time!!! You and Andrea were marvelous!! I just about DIED when the rather large wee wee made an appearance!!! I was cracking up laughing. My mouth dropped when a wee wee was chopped off during the Manson concert!!! lol lol lol!!!! Bye-bye wee wee for him!!! Oh, and that dude sitting outside of Manson's dressing room with the skin magazine is priceless!!! Then the doll with her blouse up and boobies showing at the end watching the make-out scene. Too funny. I was going to tell you which scene I like most, but it's really hard. The gallery is one of my most favs. They are ALL great, and HILARIOUS!! I am so glad I have the entire movie!!! Gonna watch it again with the hubby when he has time. I can tell you put A LOT of time into the movie. I hope that more people take the opportunity too see the clips and purchase the entire movie. Are you going to make more in the future? / Many hugz from ur fan and friend..Carmen

Hi, *Carole*. I viewed your movie last night. Whenever I plop down my hard-earned money at the cinema, the first prerequisite that I demand is that I be entertained. Well, your movie certainly qualified on that score. I was enthralled with it. It was, mystical, whimsical and erotic. With all those erect cocks wagging around I was hoping that Pandora would share her magic box a bit more, but then I remembered that you said your movie was not porno. But it was very sexy. The script and cinematography were excellent. If I had to pinpoint any faults, it would have to be the sound quality for one. It was patchy and uneven in timbre in places. Also, though the Beatles' Liverpool accents were quite well reproduced, Mick Jagger's voice sounded more like a posh Cambridge dialect rather than broad London. However, overall, it was a fascinating film. I give it two thumbs up!! Hope to be enshrouded by your gothic aura again soon. Hadyn Painter/Gentleman and Scholar ********************

I was impressed! Can't believe how good the soundtrack sounded,very professional.very clean,really keeps things moving along. Good music.- Rocky /Toronto Set Decorator

Cock a doodle doo! Hi Carole! Well at least the puppets were circumcised Your movie was Very FunkaFallic!! It made me laugh a lot!! I liked the Music It was cute, sexy, artsey, and definately had a 60's Rock N Roll feel to it. It looked like everyone had a lot of Fun making the movie. David Cohen /High School Friend

carole carole. what I fool I've been. I have been watching your movie, enjoying the beautiful puppets and the great sense of humour. mid-way through, however, I forced myself to stop watching, preferring to see it for the first time on a larger screen, and with its creator. so last night I went to bathurst, and descended the stairs at 7:30 to do just that. but if I had read the email more carefully I'd have realized it wasn't actually being screened last night. ah well. I'll have to watch the rest of it here, because I don't think I can wait 2 more weeks to see the last half. I'll also be returning from the States, so not sure I'll want to go out. anyway, wanted to tell you I've been loving the film. thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. nz Noah Zacharin/ Local Musician

fabulous job! Great work Carole!  I watched it as soon as it arrived yesterday and then once again at night with Dwane.  I know what it's like to put a film together -- it's a huge undertaking. Great sound, great script...  and of course the dolls are stunning.  And it's pretty funny, too.  Jolly good show! I must say though, about half-way through the film your camera work really soars to a higher level.  The shots are more daring, there are more closeups and you can really see those fantastic faces.  And the dolls seem to be more animated as well. I love the wonderful, horrid Manson rock concert scene.  It's very, very well done...  the smokey effects,  the crowd and all that great movement: drumming, strumming... Good for you. RENEE ARSHINOFF/ Quebec Movie Maker

film review..."realm of fantasy", by carole joskowitz... *** 1/2[3 and a half stars out of 4] carole joskowitz, is a talented film maker, and artist. she is having a private screening of her unique film called,"realm of fantasy". the characters in this film are puppets hand crafted by carole joskowitz herself. some of them are rock stars, eg. the four beatles, mick jagger, marylin manson,etc...i happened to be one of the voices to the character; dreamweaver, eccentric genius,john lennon. one of the scenes , is in one of those folk clubs, where there is a sense of openness among the audience. what is executed well in this film is the sarcasim- cleverly portraying the irony of the ego of musicians, and the humour of folk rock music fans themselves. the film is then taken to a "sixties fanatasy party", in another dimension[. their the beatles are in their psychadelic clothing are there, talking it up, and also occasionally jamming . this is a an entertaining scene, and reminded me of the era itself. i liked the scene when painter salvador dali, claims he is a genius, then the loud mouth john lennon[in the art show scene] says" i m a fckn genius " he keeps saying, not unlike the verbal jabs of the living lennon.then salvador dali interupts,"no i m a genius" he stipulates[not direct quote], then one of the woman characters remarks,"what about me, i m genius too". this scene dryly satirizes the inflated egos of artists such as dali and lennon,and illustrates the playfulness of rock groupies. the party scene was fantastic like sixties psychadelia. the beatles were funny, as caroles part of the groupie,"john you look sexy tonight", and"can you sign your autograph on my leg?,here, i ll rip my stocking"[not direct quote]...these scenes are priceless, dry and very funny. the beauty of this film is that it takes you to another place, which great art usually does, you feel suspended in time and place. this film had some controversial scenes also, which involved nudity and , well other stuff i can t mention on a family website. the film ends on a quircky romantic note,but i would say fun and quite original. this is a very unique film in a nut shell, and if carole joskowitz wants to take it somewhere i truly feel it could have a large cult following. the cinematography is skillfully done, with some mistakes in the backdrop...but what is neat is casual drawl of this film, some of the puppets falling sometime or the awkward motions of say a puppet playing guitar, this enhances the home feel to the film and the irony itself. ultimately carole joskowitz is a talented film maker , a diamond in the rough , and i look forward to future films of hers. i m giving this film 3 and a half stars our of 4, otherwise, i hope this film comes out to theatres and to dvd stores, for all to have a look see. by Stevie Jade /Toronto Musician & Actor

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