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"Let's see what me mateys are sayin Arrrghhh!!!


I liked your pirate film Carole! It was so funny. I enjoyed the swearing, the good job on rock stars likeness! And the use of scenes around TO harbour. Very very funny. I loved it. Petey

it's a great production, wild! I love your amazing dolls and am I mistaken in thinking that you introduced a few news faces to the gang? I love your backgrounds and sound effects and mini props and things. You seem to be gaining better movement control with your animated friends. I recognized Estelle's voice! You must be using Apple software. I love the way you do the credits. You're pretty wacky, cuz. I guess we're both pretty wacky, but in our own ways. Anything else planned on the horizon? Renee/ movie maker

Hey, Carole. I just finished watching dolls at sea. Very, very impressive. It's without doubt your best movie yet. It was colourful, well written, brilliantly filmed and made for first rate entertainment. I particularly enjoyed the "wench" scene in the Liverpool tavern, with its ribald humour and language. Corinne was in her element and did a great job. I love your doll creations. I love the way you and the crew breathe life into them until you no longer see them as dolls, but real avatars of your dolls. Watch out Stephen Spielberg and Sarah Polly. Carole Joskowitz is hot on your heels Hadyn

Just watched the dolls at sea movie amazing will show it to everyone here ~ Howie

I thought Dolls at Sea was fab and trippy Simran

nice work by all groovy girl ! let me know when/if the next is in production. Kirkenstein~musician,singer/songwriter,actor

honor and redemption, eh...i may be a better writer, but YR art kicks ass and takes names, girl...   thanks for the credit, always knew i'd get my 15 minutes of fame someday...   very innerestin fim, love...both ken and i said the voices were a-number one, beatles and stones were the veiled reference with the treasure chest (pandora's box indeed!)...THINK i caught all the bradisms 1st time through... Brad Freeman~Poet   ps i like yr stockings...