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hi i just watched your movie and thought it was very creative and entertaining. ~ Paul Matyas

This is a fantastic imaginative movie, with a new intricity when seen anew! Absolutely enjoyable!! ~ Nicole Wile

I think your movie is amazing .. i have no 1 and you have grown immensely since that one .. much better production, better visuals and special effects, better camera work, better backgrounds, more creative - it think it is a good movie in every respect .. it's soooo different and 'off the wall' enough that it should be getting a lot of attention if you get it out there ... i hope you are getting some return on it ie film festivals? won any awards? getting played on tv? it deserves to be seen. I have an idea of what you have done to market it maybe you are selling a lot? This is the type of movie that can develop a niche or even cult following - like 'reefer madness' or 'night of the living dead' when they swept through colleges in the 60s. I dont know a lot about marketing movies so this is just an uninformed opinion.  but i like it a lot and think others will too. ~ Brian Gladstone/singer-songwriter/musician

Hi Carole, Cameron screened Valley of the Space Dolls in the alley by my friend Charlee's house "Artist's Place" in Bangkok, Thailand. Another international screening to put on your resume! Alma

It was a lot of Fun watching Valley of the Space Dolls!!! Very Cool!!! Thanks so much!!!! Matthew Dewilde

Finally had the west coast premiere of Valley of the Space Dolls with Mike & Rosa! The dolls are awesome. My favourite short was the Beatles one. ~ Mike Peredo

its very cool - ‪Michael Dent‬

Thanks for putting my music in the movie that you made, I am honoured by that, although I wish it would have been the original version. One of these days, I will put out the original sounding C.D. And... thanks for the wonderful note inside the DVD... VALLEY OF THE SPACE DOLLS is a wild and crazy trip, lol... The songs fit into place. I really liked the first song, which also played on the end credits... Something out there... You and everyone who helped you did a lot of work to do all of this... Have you thought about connecting all of the episodes together to make a feature film out of this?? And, I am always striving to get better and better as a moviemaker, God forbid if my previous work is the judge of my talent, lol... You are very talented with making these puppets and it would be great if you could get some investors together together and make a feature length film... Lots of elaborate sets, and great creations... When the tomatoes were being thrown at Woody Allen, that was hilarious... Hahahahhaa...Barry J. Gillis

I've got that theme song going round and round in my head..."There's something out there... it might be unkind... it might be trying to .... "I forget. Renee

I feel the song by Jeff Katz at the beginning and end of the movie seemed to emerge out of the film lulling me into the heart of the universe. Naomi

You gave me a copy of one of your films, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I was wondering if I could feature you in an upcoming biographical documentary assignment. I would like to interview you for about 20 minutes (your backyard would be the best lighting, probably) and film the amazing puppets around your home. Warm regards, Ryan Weatherby

iv seen your flic and enjoyed it so'
  i support creativ independance
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I was discussing your new movie with Val and Richard recently. We are all agreed that it's your best movie so far.   Hadyn


 I just watched Corinne's copy today. It was great. Congratulations to Simon for his effects. We wondered about one thing. Do you have permission from all the celebrities you depicted? We thought you should enter it in a festival, but they might be a stumbling block.  Nick Miceli

I'm putting in my request for a David Bowie doll part for the sequel…Enjoyed the cheeky Beatles and Mick dialog. Had to watch the DVD in transit….2 thumbs up CJ!!   Donna Mills

 Thank you!! Awesome! Wonderful. fantastic...Great..Funny movie.

    Glen Guerin

  "Intense" is too small a word to describe what I just experienced. I'm glad Peter was there to witness the communal hallucination that was that film. Congrats to Carole Joskowitz!
    I do one helluva John Lennon impression! Paul & George, too! Patrick Rawley


going to carole's movie tomorrow night it's great!! you gotta see it!! love it! her best yet!

love the movie by the way it's amazing! Corinne

  What I love about those dolls is that they look MORE like the stars that inspired them than the original's like you've stolen their souls, Carole.   Maria Kasstan

This is true. the likeness is extraordinary. You got the gift Carole!  ~Renee

Hi Carole.  We finally got tired of waiting for the whole family to be in one room so we could watch together- and we watched your film. I think you've come a long way with sets and background imagery and props.  I love your titles, and don't have a clue how you do it.  Great job, really!  I know what goes into a film. The concept of taking your characters into space via a cool looking space ship was really fun to watch and super creative.

I loved the food scene. Where did all the signage come from?  The food trios of brains...or whatever, were great.  And I recognized that world renown Plastic Hippy Band as soon as they came on.  So cool to hear them again.  I didn't recognize the song. Was it a new one? I also really loved your theme song. You could say it's been growing one me. ... My only criticism is this :  I would really like to see you go with your new theme and story about space travel,etc., with your dolls/characters and to avoid the Paul, John, George... etc... smoking.... getting high... as you've done this many times in your films past.  The audience loves your fabulous dolls, they are truly works of art. But now that we've seen the famous Beatles, etc, doing what you make them do, I think you can develop these characters... make them part of your intriguing, advancing story. We will enjoy seeing them just the same. Keep the story moving forward.... Just my opinion. Take care.    Renee

Hey, Carole. I just finished watching your movie, which arrived today. I think it is your best yet. It was very imaginative, with great music, colourful visual scenes, and the usual funny, ribald humour. I was surprised to see "Richard Pryor" - I thought he now lived in Baltimore. Maybe it was his twin brother. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Beatles skit. I must show that to my daughter. She's the biggest Beatles fan in the world and down on a visit from Rimouski, Quebec. I also got a kick out of the Intergalactic Cafe. The server bore a resemblance to Angelina Jolie to my mind - perhaps just my imagination.

I see that Simon was instrumental in the making of your movie. You are both very talented. Have you ever thought about posting the whole film on Youtube? Are you allowed to do that?

Well done my friend. One day I'll have to watch while you create the scenes - see how it's done.     Hadyn

....loved seeing your eccentric movie premiere at paradise cinema, roca blanca, zipolite!!! ps. can you make those outfits for me??   Sherry Guadalajara

received - watched and enjoyed  ;-) nice work !  Kirk Torok 

i got it too, love it!  Carole, all the movies i've seen from you are good and fun to watch, they get better and better as you learn more and more.  Chuck Mattick

Hi Carole!!   I got the Space Dolls dvd!  LOVED it, especially the twist at the end!  You're too kind - I did not think my singing was very good (too high).  Thanks  again for thinking of me and i'll look forward to seeing MORE of your dvds in the future  Julie Sheppard