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 Oh Jack o Lantern so orange and burning with light! When the sky is dark and the moon is bright! The children are laughing and full of glee. They are in gangs of two or three. One is dressed like Frankenstein, another is a clown doing pantomime. He comes a skeleton so scary white, it's enough to make you full of fright! So Jack o Lantern look way up in the sky, the wicked witch is flying very high! She's on he broomstick laughing and screaming away. She's watching the children loud at play. Some of the children ran into the graveyard way beyond. To watch the skeletons dance upon the graves singing an eerie song. At last it's midnight, the children are tired on their feet. Their bags are full of goodies, they had their treat. The wicked witch is watching them in the pitch black night. So they all ran home full of fright. So Jack o Lantern put out your light. Come back next year for another Halloween night! 

  by E. Stella Joskowitz 1998